Toronto’s “community read”

I just finished Michael Redhill’s absorbing novel Consolation, which is set in Toronto in the 1850s and 1990s. Redhill is a U.C. grad (I heard him read at the Celebrate U.C. authors event a couple of years ago).

The Toronto Public Library is encouraging all Torontonians to read Consolation this month. It’s Toronto’s first annual “community read,” but many cities have had such “One Book” events since they were invented in 1998 by the head of Seattle’s public libraries, Nancy Pearl (who’s since been immortalized in a Librarian Action Figure!).

TPL has bought over 2,000 copies of the novel. I went to their “Kick-Off” evening on Monday and heard Redhill talk about how he was inspired to write the novel by certain real-life events and by photographs in the book Lost Toronto. There’s more info on the TPL’s One Book website and on Michael Redhill’s blog.

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