Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Uses and Abuses of Reviewing

Linda Hutcheon will be giving this year’s Alexander Lectures, beginning March 23. Her intriguing title is “The Uses and Abuses of Reviewing.” Professor Hutcheon is the author of A Theory of Adaptation (among many other books).

Canada Reads victory for Lawrence Hill

Yesterday Lawrence Hill’s novel The Book of Negroes won CBC’s Canada Reads competition. I’m glad since I’m in the middle of reading it (it’s riveting).  The only other of this year’s contenders that I’ve read is The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant, which I loved. (The other books, which were knocked out of contention over the course of the week, were Fruit, Mercy Among the Children, and The Outlander.)

Emotions in turmoil

Next week, March 10-12, Ruth Leys (from Johns Hopkins University) will give a series of lectures at University College, on “Emotions in Turmoil: Genealogy and Critique.”

In honour of these lectures, Laidlaw Library has acquired two books by Ruth Leys:

An imperfect offering

Dr. James Orbinski, of U of T’s Munk Centre, has won this year’s Shaughessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing, for his book An imperfect offering: humanitarian action in the twenty-first century, available at Laidlaw Library. For more about Orbinski and his book, see this  interesting article from U of T Magazine.

Award-winning books

I recently put up a display of award-winning books that are available at Laidlaw Library. I put a photo of the display in Flickr and added “notes” and links. So if you mouse over a book cover, you can see what award it won, and you can get a link to our catalogue to find out more about the book and where to find it. (Thanks to Clemens & Alcuin Libraries, from whom I borrowed this idea.)