Monthly Archives: August 2009

What I read this summer

Here are my favourites among the books I read this summer.  They would be good in any season, and all are available at Laidlaw Library.

Run, by Ann Patchett
A riveting family story set in Boston in the winter.  Except for a prologue and epilogue, it all takes place in one 24-hour period.

The Prairie Bridesmaid, by Daria Salamon
It feels like “chick lit” (first-person narrator with a group of women friends, self-deprecating humour, a focus on relationships).  But whereas a lot of chick lit seems to be about how a woman finds the man of her dreams, this book is about how a woman extricates herself from an emotionally abusive relationship with the man of her dreams.

Olive Kittredge, by Elizabeth Strout
Sad, memorable stories about different characters who all live in the same small town in Maine (I read it while I was in Maine). Olive Kitteridge is a difficult woman who appears in all the stories, sometimes as a central character, sometimes not. The 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction.