Monthly Archives: October 2009

That Face

A new British play, That Face, is on at the Berkeley Street Theatre until Nov. 21.  The playwright, Polly Stenham, was only twenty when the play premiered in London in 2007. Here’s an interesting Globe and Mail interview with the playwright.

If you’d like to read the play, we have it at Laidlaw Library.

Beware of the new APA Publication Manual

This summer the American Psychological Association published the sixth edition of its popular Publication Manual, and it turns out to full of errors —  pretty shocking for a book which tells you how to get all the details and punctuation right when you’re compiling a bibliography.

After receiving a lot of criticism, the APA is doing a revised Second Printing and has apparently now agreed to give buyers of the error-ridden First Printing a replacement copy, starting Nov. 2.  (I will get a replacement for Laidlaw Library’s copy.)

In case you’re curious, the APA has posted a list of the the errors identified in the first printing.


The winner of this year’s Toronto Book Award is More, Austin Clarke’s novel about a single mother faced with the news that her son is involved in gang crime.

The Toronto Book Awards honours books that are “evocative of Toronto.”  The other finalists this year were Anthony De Sa’s novel Barnacle Love, Maggie Helwig’s novel Girls Fall Down, and two non-fiction books: Unbuilt Toronto: A History of the City that Might Have Been, and In the Land of Long Fingernails: A Gravedigger’s Memoir.