Monthly Archives: January 2010

Romeo and Juliet

Even after 400 years, Shakespeare is still controversial — see the piece in today’s Toronto Star, “Toronto’s Romeo and Juliet is just too racy for Nashville.”

Here at U of T, you can borrow the book, or the DVD of the 2002 film starring Clare Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Paul Quarrington

Paul Quarrington died today; he was only 56. Here’s his website, which has lots of tributes to Quarrington, and here are some books we have by him.

What Is Stephen Harper Reading?

I’ve enjoyed dipping in and out of Yann Martel’s latest book, What Is Stephen Harper Reading?. Martel (the author of Life of Pi) was concerned that he could find no mention of the prime minister’s reading habits (if any), except for an interview where Harper apparently answered the question, “What is your favourite book?” with “The Guinness Book of World Records.”

Because Martel believes that reading literature is an essential ingredient in what makes a good prime minister, Martel began sending Harper a short book every two weeks, along with a letter explaining why he recommended it. What Is Stephen Harper Reading? contains the first 55 letters.   The letters (now up to Book # 72) are also available on Martel’s blog.

Here are just a few of the books Martel recommends, with links to their location at Laidlaw Library: