Monthly Archives: February 2013

Oscars reading list

Several of last night’s Academy Award winners were based on books you can find in the Bestsellers collection at the UC LIbrary:

And for a more Canadian perspective on the events behind Argo, in our regular collection we have: Our man in Tehran : Ken Taylor, the CIA and the Iran Hostage crisis.

Speaking of movies, here’s a photo of our recent display about Canadian film books and this year’s Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor, Sarah Polley.

display of books about Canadian film

Canada Reads 2013

This year’s “Canada Reads” on CBC seems strange to me, with its mix of old and new books, which are supposed to represent five regions of Canada — but I must admit I always find “Canada Reads” entertaining. Today Jane Urquhart’s novel Away (which I liked a lot) was eliminated, and yesterday David Bergen’s The Age of Hope was eliminated, so there are three books left:

  • February (2009), by Lisa Moore (Atlantic region — defended by comedian Trent McClellan)
  • Indian Horse (2012), by Richard Wagamese (British Columbia and Yukon — defended by athlete Carol Huynh)
  • Two Solitudes (1945) by Hugh MacLennan (Quebec — defended by actor Jay Baruchel)

Speaking of Jay Baruchel, I recently re-watched Jacob Tierney’s movie “The Trotsky” (set in Montreal and starring Jay Baruchel), which I I highly recommend! The DVD is available at Media Commons.