Canada Reads 2013

This year’s “Canada Reads” on CBC seems strange to me, with its mix of old and new books, which are supposed to represent five regions of Canada — but I must admit I always find “Canada Reads” entertaining. Today Jane Urquhart’s novel Away (which I liked a lot) was eliminated, and yesterday David Bergen’s The Age of Hope was eliminated, so there are three books left:

  • February (2009), by Lisa Moore (Atlantic region — defended by comedian Trent McClellan)
  • Indian Horse (2012), by Richard Wagamese (British Columbia and Yukon — defended by athlete Carol Huynh)
  • Two Solitudes (1945) by Hugh MacLennan (Quebec — defended by actor Jay Baruchel)

Speaking of Jay Baruchel, I recently re-watched Jacob Tierney’s movie “The Trotsky” (set in Montreal and starring Jay Baruchel), which I I highly recommend! The DVD is available at Media Commons.


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