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Holiday reading

Looking forward to some holiday reading? Starting today, Best Sellers you borrow from the UC Library will not be due until January 8 or later!

Doris Lessing, 1919-2013

The Guardian has a whole section devoted to Doris Lessing, who died today at age 94 (including a piece by Margaret Atwood). We have a selection of Lessing’s books at the UC Library, including the one Atwood reminisces about reading in her youth, The Golden Notebook.

book cover: The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

GG Awards for 2013

Here are the English-language winners of the 2013 Governor General’s Awards — all available at the UC Library!

      The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton
      Journey With No Maps: A life of P.K. Page by Sandra Djwa
      North End Love Song by Katherena Vermette
      Fault Lines: Three Plays by Nicolas Billon
      The Major Verbs by Pierre Nepveu, translated by Donald Winkler

book cover: Fault Lines

Recommended reading for Remembrance Day

Canada and the Theatre of War is an impressive two-volume collection containing fourteen plays. It’s divided into three sections:

World War I:

  • The Lost Boys by by R.H. Thomson
  • Soldier’s Heart by David French
  • Mary’s Wedding by Stephen Massicotte
  • Dancock’s Dance by Guy Vanderhaeghe
  • Vimy by Vern Thiessen

World War II:

  • Ever Loving by Margaret Hollingsworth
  • None Is Too Many by Jason Sherman
  • Burning Vision by Marie Clements

Contemporary Wars:

  • Game of Patience by Abla Farhoud
  • A Line in the Sand by Guillermo Verdecchia and Marcus Youssef
  • The Monuments by Colleen Wagner
  • Palace of the End by Judith Thompson
  • Scorched by Wajdi Mouawad
  • Man out of Joint by Sharon Pollock

book cover: Canada and the Theatre of War, Volume I

Religious diversity and religious freedom in Canada

The Quebec government’s alarming, discriminatory charter of “values” (first announced in September, and tabled in the legislature today) inspired our latest display at the front of the UC Library, “Religious diversity and religious freedom in Canada.” Our display includes the following books (all Canadian!):

The announcement of the charter also inspired me to order four books (now available at the UC Library) about hijab / headscarf / veil issues in other countries such as France, which might provide some useful context for students writing essays on the situation in Quebec.

book display: Religious diversity and religious freedom in Canada


This is definitely a good year for short stories! Hellgoing, Lynn Coady’s collection of stories which just won the Giller Prize, is available at the UC Library — and we also have her earlier books.

book cover: Hellgoing / Lynn Coady