UC’s Laidlaw Wing turns 50!

The Laidlaw Wing of University College was officially opened 50 years ago, on October 5, 1964. A Globe and Mail article the next day (“LePan installed as Principal of College”) includes a photo with the caption “Officially opened yesterday, Laidlaw Library, which closes quadrangle of University College.”

The 1965 issue of the University College Bulletin features a description of “The New Wing,” with some nice photos of the Library and the Refectory (in the basement). Here’s an excerpt about the Library (which at that time occupied two floors) — note the mention of the latest 1960s library technology!

“The main and upper floors house the Laidlaw Library, planned to meet the needs of First and Second Year undergraduates in the College. A controlled-access book collection, which will ultimately comprise 40,000 volumes, and a reference room with a capacity of 4,000 volumes cover the main floor. The upper floor is designed as reading room space.  The central area contains both large tables and individual desks. There are also  a number of small reading-rooms for informal group study; these will accommodate typewriters, record-players, and microfilm readers. […]”  Here is a link to the whole article, scanned from the UC Bulletin, 1965, pages, 33 to 37:


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